Young spray realer than most

I never knew there were so many white people! Then it turned into me spitting my poetry but I kept it to myself, really. For the past eighteen months, or maybe even more, road rap—the darker, menacing strain of British hip-hop—has had to share its light with a new sound, an off-shoot, which nods heavily to Chicago, called UK drill.

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Play Download Facebook Tweet. Before, it was about real shit. Im Gonna Ride Tonight. If I could describe the mixtape in three words those would be- Hard, Real, Gassed. I prefer it to the happy-happy stuff. Having gone to prison a few times over, which definitely hindered his career at points, Young Spray is now at a stage in life where music has to reealer. You see you, you can tell you listen youjg the music properly.

Everything is online now. I used to have a physical copy of the mixtape, not anymore though.

This interview has been a long time mosh. I was in college and we were driving around rinsing the tape and trying to look for girls- lol.

Man just wants to take it as far as man can take it. If I Ruled The World.

Realer Than Most Vol. 4

It would start snowing, and man would really be excited for the snow! Instructions You can embed a Mixtape Madness player in your website or blog and stream the music directly in your website!

Do you regret anything in life and, if so, what would it be? I'm just trying to keep with the times, but I only do things that make sense. Place the following code where you'd like player to load: Around that time every teenager is just trying to find themselves, trying to relate and identify with yougn I guess.

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Hard 2 Kill Vol 2 Young Spray 6 msot ago Your mixtape, Realer Than Most Vol. How excited are you for it to finally be out? I remember I was meant to interview you for XXL back inbut I think you had gone to prison the week of. It was very street and raw. You need to go studio.

Realer Than Most Vol.3 Mixtape by YOUNG SPRAY Hosted by Mykal Million - Mixtapes @

At that time, we all used to rave together. Just follow the simple steps below. Some money is also bad money.

See more music from Young Spray. The mixtape came at a point where I was just starting to get into UK rap- getting deep into that cool lifestyle- you know, girls and money. The post-Channel U generation might not know that you actually started out in a group called Northstar, with rapper C1 and yohng Chyna. Words by Big Tobz. Toggle navigation Singles Mixtapes.

Do you care about the charts?

That pattern is still very strong. You can embed a Mixtape Madness player in your website or blog and stream the music directly in your website! They used to play you guys non-stop!