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VocalSynth is a powerful vocoder plugin from iZotope, and it comes packed with tons of other great features for creating futuristic vocal effects. Updated user interface NEW! Lastly, there is a slider to control the balance for each of these elements. Sonivox, a leading creator of premium virtual instruments and synthesis technologies, has announced Vocalizer Pro Vocal Production Synthesizer, the next-generation version of the amazing Vocalizer MIDI-controlled audio effect.

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Do you want better Serum presets? Grand Piano Virtual Instrument.

Simply put, a vocoder is a device that is used to synthesize the human voice. Sonivox, a leading creator of premium virtual instruments and synthesis technologies, has announced Vocalizer Pro Vocal Production Synthesizer, the next-generation version of the amazing Vocalizer Vvst audio effect.

NAMM Sonivox announces Vocalizer Pro and updated VST/AU plug-ins | MusicRadar

A talkbox is similar to a vocoder, but has its own unique sound. These include pitch correction, filters, distortion, and delay. It can be the perfect way vocalizeg add some flare to a dull performance. This tool can produce a range of effects, from organic backing vocals to artificial sounds. You can mix and match how the four modules interact with each other, which will allow you to create very complex patches.

The resulting sketch retains the image of the penny but transfers its material from copper to paper. You get a slider for mixing in the carrier, the modulator, and noise.

Soinvox carrier is the synthesized element of the vocoder. The bottom row can be used for mapping chords so they can easily be sequenced from a MIDI controller.

Integrated patch browser NEW! This plugin features a two oscillator synthesizer, a dynamic filter, and a wide range of effects such as distortion, delay, and reverb. From the creators of Fruity Loops Studio comes Vocodex, a relatively inexpensive and easy to use vocoder.

The higher the number of filter bands, the more detailed the carrier will sound. As with any other piece of gear, you get what you pay for. Snapshots provide instant switching of parameter controls, which can be triggered with the pads.


If you only intend to use them occasionally, you would do fine grabbing one or more of the excellent free plugins that are available. Vocalizer Pro spnivox compatible with or bit Mac or Windows systems. Updated user interface NEW! The interface is fairly appealing for a free VST as well. You can even use them to create experimental sounds like tuned percussion, or you can add otherworldly textures to any piece of audio.

The modulator can be any audio source, though the most popular choice is to use a vocal.

Luckily, there are lots of great options on the market and not all of them will break the bank! Soundware and plug-in developer Sonivox announced a raft of new and updated products at NAMM, with an enhanced version of its Vocalizer vocal production synthesizer heading things up.

A five band Vocailzer is used to process the output of the vocoder, while the sound can be further tweaked with formant, pressure, smoothing and release controls.

The Lector also features filter bands, meaning that you can get as detailed with your carrier as you want to. When it comes to vocal processing, one of the most interesting effects you can use is any kind of vocoder VST plugin.

Vocoder VST Plugins: 11 Of The Best in ! - Cymatics

The modulator is run through a series of filter bands that are used to create an amplitude mapping of its most important characteristics. Download our free Ultimate Serum Library and improve your sound library today. After loading the vocoder into oscillator one, you can then route Razor to an audio track to use it as a sidechain carrier. To put that in simpler terms, we can compare sonivvox process to sketching over a penny onto a piece of paper.

One row allows multiple notes or donivox to be stacked on each pad.

Similarly, the talkbox panel emulates the iconic sound of the talkbox.