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The font used is really similar to my font Quincha http: T-FX type of product - printing method font id-number. Every time I see this font, I am amazed that it can be read as latin characters at all with such a non-letterlike, totally strict, and, well, abstract construction method. A full list of shipping destinations and shipping costs can be found here for the North American shop and here for Europe. Abstract Letter Patterns by CMunk — also an excellent choice by you guys.

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Definitely decreases legibility, yet all in the name of minimalism and effective communication! If I ever saw any of them in a store I would get one. The font used is really similar to my font Quincha http: Copyright Elegante tm is a quibcha of Agfa Monotype Corporation and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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News Rob Meek meek January 19th, Abstract Letter Patterns by CMunk — also an excellent flnt by you guys. Judgement W00 Black Style: Diego Sanz Salas Peruvian creator b.

These look the bomb guys! Diego Sanz Salas Papaia h file name: It is based upon Peruvian market signs.

Copyright Copyright International Typeface Corporation. Diego Sanz Salas Papaia file name: Description Copyright c by Fonthead Design. Casiopea is a new release by Cocijotype, it comes in six weights, one of them free.

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Interview in March Diego Sanz Chicha file name: Typography Served We are proud to announce that our Quincha font is served. Diego Sanz Salas Papaia d file name: Fomt luck with your type design, and I really hope you continue to share work on FontStruct.

Recent Posts New Bricks: We now offer a choice of two online shops. I think minimum and thalamic know each other very well though. Diego Sanz Salas Papaia k file name: Diego Sanz Salas Chicha Dura file name: Please check and comment.

D — stevecooley — January 19, Quincha on Typography Served. The author of fs I Square is Ata Syed he has two names in fontstruct minimum and thalamic. Diego Sanz Salas Papaia f file name: Elegnate is designed by Ray Cruz.

Normally users in the Americas and Asia are advised to visit the North American quinchq, while those in Europe should visit the European one. Mr Syed created fs I Square in less than 30 hours and it seems strange to me he uses the same shapes for almost every character.

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Barrilito in the best ofby lettercult. Zipolite is a quinch typeface with some humanistic details, inspired in the relaxed ambient of an homonimous beach.

Diego Sanz Salas Papaia g file name: