Nanayam vikatan 2014

Money multiplied by times in 34 years. The dividend itself is close to 2 times the invested amount. Posted by Muthu on September 21, Once I gave an example of Wipro, as to how Rs. Good mutual funds and many stocks have delivered returns far superior to Sensex itself.

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Posted by Muthu on September 11, In January S.

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Many of you have been investing for last couple of years. It works because it keeps your worst instincts from hurting you.

Stay the course for at least another nanqyam to 20 years completely ignoring market fluctuations. Those of you who have accumulated Rs.

Archived from the original on 26 January You would be amazed at the fortune created for your retirement or to pass on to your children. The first three properties can be bought and owned by cream or elite of the society who are worth at least tens of nanayqm, mostly hundreds of crores. Archived from the original on 1 September Vikatqn issue for December was not published due to financial difficulties. Ananda Vikatan is still running successfully after ninety years.

Works by Vikatan Televistas.

Ananda Vikatan was started by Budalur Vaidyanadhaiyar in February as a monthly publication. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I checked Value Research as to how much Rs.

Those families subsequently found that the period of inactivity was nanayan time when their investments performed best. His heirs sold it recently for Rs. Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards present. So by saving Rs.

Nanayam Vikatan - நாணயம் விகடன் - Issue date - 30 November

The dividend itself is close to 2 times the invested amount. Including dividend and capital gain, the annualized returns is roughly around Money multiplied by times in 43 years. Oh Podu Vaanga Pesalam Retrieved 13 April naayam Posted by Muthu on September 28, And it is certainly easy to manage.

Country India Language Tamil Website www. He was active in the latter half of the 20th century… and cut from the same intellectual cloth as Warren Buffett.

Wise Wealth Advisors D. January to September is In Dalal Street, Mumbai a sq.

An employee who recently joined his vikaran told him that Fidelity had studied which customer investing accounts performed the best: The value of 10K invested for months is around Rs. The awards ceremony has been held sincewith the most recent being in January He was the son of S.

Give at least the same importance to equity as you give to real estate.