21 Feb Section F of the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Product Catalog lists a wide variety of Section 1F. Condulet® Conduit Bodies and Outlet Boxes. Matches 1 – 20 of Crouse Hinds CONDULET Series Conduit Outlet Bodies in stock at Galco! Huge Crouse Hinds CONDULET Series Conduit Outlet Bodies. Crouse Hinds. Conduit Outlet Bodies, CONDULET Series. Item# LB27 – Fitting, 3/ 4″, LB Style, Iron, Threaded Rigid, w/o Cover or Gasket, Form 7, Feraloy Iron.

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Li vided for anchoring to forms. Finishes and Assortments, I andCondulets crouse hinds V V 72 76 76 76 70 4. I i ich Form 20 i. Cat alop Page Lisl Std. It can also be readily gasketed for use with housings that are watertight. Catalog X umber Wt.

A Condulets crouse hinds Hinda I vpe 1 it. If specified on the order, colored Fresnel lenses will be substituted for clear lenses at the difference in the list prices.

Condulet® Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies

Manufactured by National Metal Molding Company. No glass is used.

I, is made in two parts: C” I tatride Dia. The cover is attached by means of a Wedge-Nut fastener. Size Si rands O.

Condulet® GUA Series Explosionproof Conduit Outlet Boxes

U on page iting S Reflector holders not required if guard is used. The conduit passes up through the floor and is conduletz directly into the Condulet hub. PI 50 I it. Material of Manufacture other than Crouse-Hinds Material for use with Condulets, but manufactured by others than the Crouse-Hinds i lompany, condulets crouse hinds frequently referred to in this catalog.

The- Irouse-Hinds Company manufactures condulets crouse hinds complete line of boundary, obstacle, and approach lights, a few of which are illustrated on this page. hindd

Condulets, FA series, page It hihds be suspended either from a gooseneck bracket or messenger condulets crouse hinds. They are furnished with rectangular or round receptacles, which are inter- changeable in all the Condulets of the HUH series, except BHHE which takes the round receptacle only.

The cover Bcrews engage blind screw holes in the body. M ‘ CPC If specified on I be order, condulets crouse hinds composition cover will be furnished with special drilling at an exh ance in list 1. M Series I or I’.

All current carrying parts are thoroughly insulated and the whole Condulet is constructed to withstand severe weather conditions and rough usage. PI 51 1 Cat.

Condulet® GUA Series Explosionproof Conduit Outlet Boxes

Pkg 25 25 25 condulets crouse hinds 25 Form 10 Condulets Take Amp. Cables made up with ;i plug at one’end and a type BUM receptacle for cable connector at the other end, can be used with portable apparatus having u plug mounted directly on the machine as well condulets crouse hinds for an extension cable.

Type BRB plug receptacle housings are made in four styles: V ,ixh, Diameter of hole is I ‘, inches.