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Posted May 5, To reach that stage you need a good team and you have to face also good players. Posted May 5, Will fix in next update if there is one. It can be interesting to think whether you'd be happy with that booster after you supposedly played x hours.

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Off-Topic Where all the unrelated watermelons and other nonsense go. New Player Help and Guides New to the game? And here I was opening for hours hoping for a promo. Will fix in next update if there is one. I'm aware of this problem. Posted May 5, edited. Yep, and boosters BFP. Sign In Sign Up.

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Already have an account? I just had that happen to easter egg and lord cyrian. Battlforge and Tournaments Discuss recent events or host tournaments here. Feel free to join us! I just had that happen to easter egg and lord cyrian. Global support cards for cooperative play.

Announcements Read the latest news on the game's progress, status, events and more. I'm not giving it priority atm. From a trader perspective, I'm broke now. My first try and I quit opening more packs. Nothing gamebreaking but might be an easy fix. By Neox Started December 23, That's actually so cool! Works with every version of windows!

Newest Member Panicol Joined 32 minutes ago. PvP Discuss your Player vs Player strategies and adventures. This place is for all your trading needs. Before downloading please read the FAQ!! Week Month Year All Time.


Suggestions Got suggestions or ideas for Skylords Reborn? PvE Discuss your Player vs Environment strategies and adventures. What you want to do with this: Maybe we can help you out!

Optionally hide open games in world overveiw.


When battlforge happened, the first post in this geneerator will be editted. Good to see stuff like that being created. By Nahath Started Wednesday at