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We have not yet submitted to AppStore, because we are still adding some last-minute features and details, polishing, fixing, testing again etc. The aesthetic impression of your schedule in the Week pane is not ruined. Who said that online classes are a super vital feature any schedule planner should have? App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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The Grades Graph has been improved to show your progress on weights by tracking different types of activities that are subject to grading.

User's Guide now available!

German, Portuguese, Russian Fixed: This is just a routine update on continuous smooth operation of our Cloud Sync service. Above all we want you to try the brand new Grades Graph see Planner section. Following HUGE amount of letters that we have received from you, we felt it important to officially announce the nearest update to iStudiez Pro — version 1.

It turned out so beautiful! The autetication process doesn't working.

We have fixed the bug of reflecting the event that lasts for a few days in the Calendar of the app. We are always glad to receive your feedback in our blog, Facebook, Twitter or email. You'll see list of events and assignments including all details such as event type, location, time left, class instructor, number of tasks pending and what's next on schedule.

With iStudiez Pro you can easily… It provides a streamline and clean way to organize classes, assingments, exams, holidays, and whatnot. The app is temporarily not available from App Store.

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Operation speed improved, assignments planning improved, some other things added let us be mysterious at least in something, hah?! This update is OS X Then iStudiez Pro is for you!

If this issue is fixed, I would have no objection to rating 5 stars. Push notifications do not work at the moment.

iStudiez Pro Blog

This update brings you the ability to swipe weeks in the Week pane with your touchpad. The Grades Graph has been improved to show your progress on weights by tracking different types of activities that are subject to grading. Since now everything is kept at one place.

If on any of your devices you see the alert stating that Cloud Sync account is unreachable, please update iStudiez Pro on that device. Read below and find out why iStudiez Pro would be the most efficient app on your Mac!

Take advantage of iStudiez Pro easy navigation and never miss another course, lecture and lab, track tasks pfo deadlines, plan homework, arrange assignments and much more! Global Reviews Blog Support Store.

The reason for this is that we fixed issues introduced since version 1. Please update your reviews in the App Store to share your opinion on the new features.

We actually had to do some fixing as well: As promised this time no delays and excuses yesterday we have finally submitted iStudiez Pro version 1.

Sometimes you might have group work, so it is envisaged that you can add a partner to any of your assignments either choose from contacts or create a new contact right inside the app. In other words, the Grades Graph allows seeing course grade based on particular weights. As we can judge by our server dynamics, iztudiez guys really needed that push option, so enjoy!

Program has limited support istudifz Apple Family Program. Adds to your self-organization and to our karma.

Take charge of your schedule and put iStudiez Pro to work for you!