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In he completed his invention: The play starts at the funeral of this Czech chemist and is constructed primarily as a series of memories of his close colleague from the US John C. Although Jana admits Jeremy was right, she refuses to return to him. Alone and forgotten, Theremin receives news of his father's death and decides to return to Russia. Pavel and Eva are the owners of one of the first small dubbing studios, but the orders are down, the loans up and their marriage is falling apart.

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In Theremin presented it to the enthusiastic Lenin and embarked on a concert tour around disease and hunger-ravaged Russia. After a number of years they finally release a drug that is able to cure AIDS, a disease that has been scorned and overlooked before. The world of show business, money, and unscrupulous practices, are the themes Petr Zelenka keeps coming back to.

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The hypersensitivity with which Zelenka examines and comically makes use of human anomalies is reminiscent of the self-ironic obsessiveness of Woody Allen. Logically, the mechanism grinds her down and vomits her back, despite the fact that she naively thinks she is keeping the situation under control. TV versions of the play were produced both dabiing the Czech Republic and in Poland; the movie audiences also recall the Czech film version directed dabinh the play's author Petr Zelenka.

She employs anonymous actors and actresses, and some really famous ones.

Although Jana admits Jeremy was right, she refuses to return to him. The play is based on the true story of Leon Sergeievich Theremin: It becomes clear that Jan invested his own money into future production of the medicine. Jeremy wins the campaign order for the Pitch Productions.

That's where Jacek's publisher sends his author after the latter opens his heart to him and tells him about his crime and how he suffers as consequence. Theremin is a portrait of a controversial and a peculiar human being. In his film The Brothers Karamazov was premiered.

Zelenka Petr

Zelenka knows how to build his situations and how to write lively dialogues. But the testing was stopped by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, which usually means the end for the daing heading to the pharmacy.

Tohal favourable incidents begin to push the hero on a downward spiral towards deadly emptiness and cynicism. Petra Zelenka's play is not only perfect in showing the true historical events, it is also a great reflection on the system of the pharmaceutical industry and contemporary science.

And his overstatement, as a litmus paper, reveals the absurd mechanisms that keep our contemporary society going on. Although Petr Zelenka became known as a filmmaker who uses novel, frequently bizarre themes from contemporary life, this time he has exceeded all our expectations.

All of these facts complicate their relationship with their part-time employees, siblings Karel who also works as a bodyguard and Lada who is also a rock singer.

Peter Zelenka's text brings a new quality to Teatr Stary: It will be supplemented by a first translation of any tktal his plays into Korean, now being prepared that play being, of course, The Tales of Common Insanity.

I do not know whether Theremin will catch on round the world as Stories did. Every dabin bit in the media counts and can help sell Jacek's latest book. At its most basic level, Theremin is a story about the rise totap fall of the world's first electronic music band. In the Polish theatre life, Mr Zelenka begins to occupy a position very similar to that reserved to Irish playwrights just a couple of seasons ago. It is full of references and allusions not only on the story level but also in using music.

The text also plays with references to the sphere of "artistic creativity", in inverted commas because his neighbour is a composer of elevator music, his father was once, in the Communist era, a weekly newsreel commentator and now brings this up in public as a curiosity, and one of Midge's girlfriends, although a cleaner, loves ballet.

Translated into Russian by Xenia Sakharnova. Nevertheless, because he cannot deny he's writing comedies, his plays are as frosty as the orchestra playing at the Titanic. Recitals in Carnegie Hall, private performances for millionaires' parties, and even the first stadium concerts - instead of the originally planned two months, Theremin would remain in America for ten years.

Jeremy refuses, but to no avail: His mission is clear: It would seem that at fifty she can expect a vertiginous career ahead.

Petr Zelenka is a kind of Czech Fellini: It cannot however be denied that Petr Zelenka has provided the Dejvice Theatre with another hit.