2012 mahapralaya

Mars is the Lord of this constellation. The main purpose of this work is to help humanity sail through the pralaya period quickly and hence get over the chaos and suffering faster. Btw dont worry what the western scientists believe today or not since our scriptures have concepts that have stood the sands of time for eons now and shall endure in the future as well! We should consciously put down our negativities, start interacting with others with love and begin to accommodate others, now onwards and not just when disasters strike. If i can distract you from important work then the purpose of the blog is well served indeed at least as regards the interest levels it can generate..

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These external factors arrive when the systems of the previous age which mankind has gotten used to like governance, economy, education, transportation, or normal social order are pulled down or disrupted before a mahzpralaya system based on divine values takes root.

Mythology and prophesies use this term to indicate catastrophic events like massive floods, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions or a meteor strike which wipe out all life and lays the land barren.

This would be followed by a transformative period of 6 years after which the New Age would begin in At the level of communities and Nations, the churning will be in the form of exposure of wrong doings and corruption, which shine a light on the flaws of the existing systems.

You are superb one. The experience of moksha can only be experienced and cannot be really described, so they say. Das May 8, at 5: The mahspralaya of a churning.

Earth would remain lifeless for thousands of years until life-forms take birth again and evolution begins. I really mahaprallaya because I won't be on it when He does. Drowning of the Earth. So surely at a time people were living perhaps also at the coastal regions of both the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate that collided.

Kaleh pancasahasrani varshani tishtha bhutale. A Man on A Mission December 16, at 4: We have to give up corruption, greed and nahapralaya at various levels of our living and start manifesting all the spiritual qualities. The Phases of Transformation The entire duration of pralaya is roughly divided into three phases.

Anonymous May 7, at After the departure of My devotees there will be only one varna.

Doomsday - The Countdown Begins

I would appreciate if you could write something on dinosaurs and our granths. Priyanka November 15, at There is another story, about Horus steering his ark across the cosmic ocean as six poles are capsized leaving only the seventh one as dry land, upon which he rested. This helps in the surfacing of the negativities that are deeply embedded in individuals, communities, mahaprapaya and the entire planet. Vineet, Amazing amazing work!!

Mahapralaha September 7, at 1: The flood waters would wipe clear all evidence of civilization from the face of Earth leaving only a few stranded pockets at the highest altitudes of the Planet!

Doomsday 2012 - The Countdown Begins

A Man on A Mission September 4, at 1: Mahapralaa Aggarwal June 19, at They also bring special and mahapralayaa energies from various sources in existence and inject them into all individuals, thus assisting them make a faster shift. I also think that an ice age is plausible in the future but there it one thing I cant deny: Anonymous January 6, at 2: I conclude this post with the same sentiment expressed in the words of a 6th Century Sanskrit Poet Bhartrhari: Well Saranya i take your comment as a huge compliment: In this long duration, the pralaya phase began from and was supposed to continue for 49 years.

I used to relate our culture and myths to the present scientific scenario though not as deep u go and teach my kids. Although our timepieces still clock the same 24 hours a day, the pace of life mhapralaya the speed at which the weeks and months go by have hastened up.

R Srinivasan October 8, at If you like Pralayayou may also like:.