Unteachable leah raeder

Because he's an actor and they do that. They end up getting caught by another female student while pretty much going at it in his classroom. It's all fun and games at first, until it's not. Again, this is a real good book.

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Maise O'Malley is an eighteen year old girl living a rough life. Sorry Well at the end it wasn't thatttttttt bad. I'm already looking forward to reading much more work of this positively surprising new author! Maise and Evan meet at a carnival over the summer.

That being said, I don't think that kind of relationship is necessarily sustainable. Some much older than me.

Book Review – Unteachable by Leah Raeder

I fell hard for this man. Evan Wilke is the year-old heartthrob teacher that was all passion and mystery.

For one - too many sex scenes for the length of the narrative. View all 11 comments. It will fly your ship rated it liked it Recommended to Stuti by: But it had one too many subplots which didn't raever much to Maise's character, and that's why I feel disappointed.

Unteachable by Leah Raeder (3 star ratings)

I throw up on him, we both die. Like a flashbulb taeder off, freezing you in the moment. The entire book just left me feeling weird. His piggish eyes gleamed.

She did seem mature for her age, but she did not seem mature enough to have a practical, functioning relationship with a year-old man.

I'm having flashbacks to people talking about 50 Shades for teens, and I'm trying to keep my mind open. But The Guy only smiled.

They can't uunteachable their hands off each other and even though it's wrong they don't want to stop. They could no longer hold back, and so, an affair ensued. A lot of my reads have managed to do that. The two carry on their relationship for quite some time.

It was the guy. Until she comes face to face with him during the first day of school. Recommended to Wendy Darling by: Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! My second gripe with the novel is how the conflict wasn't much of a conflict and more like the characters being dramatic with each other. He ran a hand through my hair again, peah eyes almost sad.

Which is exactly what she plans to do. After the meeting she goes to Evan and tells him everything.


They later meet again, but this time it's awkward as it's in his class room. I pulled him out of his jeans, pressed my thighs around him. The front seat of his car was a solid piece of old leather.

Wesley stole my heart as the guy with a big crush on Maise. And the DUDE she falls for was ummm