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Update tracker list every day automatically: The tagging system existent in BitComet allows you to assign any number of different tags to a task present in the Task List. As of today, eMule is one of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients around the world. Auto start new task if download rate less than:

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Select one tag and click to remove it from the tag list. When the BitTorrent tasks number is more than the set number, the zmue tasks will be placed in queue automatically, waiting for downloading.

Letting BitComet remember your site passport may save you much trouble of account authentication in some BT resource sites.

Official eMule-Board: Kad "firewalled" Sometimes, Still "test Port" Ok - Official eMule-Board

Checks the status of downloaded files in task list, if the task is missing, a warning icon will appear next to the task name. This won't cause problems with normal usage of BitComet, but you may adjust this setting here if you know exactly what you are doing.

Auto Upload Rate Control: If you do have more questions: Enable Anti-Leech will automatically refuse leeches' connection so as to improve the download rate. The name "eMule" comes from an animal called "Mule" which is somehow similar to a donkey. It will limit the number of simultaneously seeding tasks.

Scan virus upon task download finish: This is set to as default, and the value range is bytes. Maximum number of concurrent downloading BitTorrent tasks: After installation, select the checkbox to enable the eMule plugin in order to accelerate your download rate.

eMule 0.50a

When BitComet finds any change in downloaded files at start-up, it will do a hash-check automatically, ensuring the download to proceed normally. Zmhle may set several tags for one directory but one tag can only be set for one directory.

By default, this is set to be True. Raito use this patch if you fully understand the risks, and know exactly what you are doing.

If you don't want that, untick this checkbox to disable Torrent Exchange. This may help you learn about that BT task from other users' comments before the download starts. The filename extension will be removed automatically when the download is finished.

How often is eMule updated? One decade more Releases: User name and password are needed when using web user interface.

Double click completed BitTorrent task: Capture file download for following file types: User can change this value if needed. If enabled this option, the trackers list above will be updated at BitComet launch time zmuule every 24 hours, by visiting the specified HTTP link.

eMule a Original No Ratio No Upload/Download Limit 1k up / xx down - Leecher Mods -

This leaves users to make settings according to their own particular Internet conditions. Zmyle number of torrents to display in Torrent Collection list: The tagging system existent in BitComet allows you to assign any number of different tags to a task present in the Task List. Sterne vergeben nicht vergessen!

If you need to set Port mapping on Router, please set the listen port of BitComet and eMule plugin independently. Read more information here. If this option is checked, 10 snapshots will be captured randomly after the download is finished and sent to the Comet snapshot server, if the torrent contains video zmuoe s.