C8815 firmware

So I'd suggest you contact the support team. And what android version you have installed in your device? Can't export from PhCop to google account.

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Download Android Jelly Bean Stock Firmware for Huawei C smartphone | DUNIA ANDROID

You can select single directional sync in the PhoneCopy. Hello, it depends on whether the private sms is saved as a other common sms or it is stored in a special private storage. What happens, really I need to install WebView? It again synchronize my current contacts and sms to phonecopy account.

I want number imei my device samsung gti halik If you want to transfer contacts from your Android device please use following screenshot guide. I firmwzre the whole back up of the list in sync. Next time, after the "slow sync" will be "fast sync" and it transfers only changes from phone or server, therefore it is faster then the previous one.

Hello, maybe the app got into some unusual state. But only contacts and calendar have been copied. To define contact groups please use https: I want to copy my contacts from sim to my mobile Huwaei g phone copy application not shown firmdare option of sim card contacts transfer.

It can take several minutes to unlock your profile. Firmsare can see last synchronization from Samsung two days ago. This is very frustrating for me.

Synchronize Huawei C - PhoneCopy - Your Personal Cloud

Would it be somewhere else? Please reduce number of items on website" seolim Is that the problem? Hi, you will find all deleted contacts in the Deleted Contacts folder of www. Please use Lost Password link from home page. Can you confirmar what is thw problema? Hello, we are glad that everything works for you now. Lenny leonbkr Dear, Immediately after installing your application on my phone Android 7. How to get previous sync contactif auto sync worked incorrectly.

Appreciate your help to enable my account. I just log out and now want to login but this message pops up "please select at least one of writable Android accounts with contacts to sync" badaru1 This behavior is the same as in previous versions of PhoneCopy.

Backup Kontakte, photos, videos and sms messages from Huawei C8815

I have been into account settings How can i restore tgat lg data in new frmware My old phone died, i haven't got backed up, but i had to set up synch, now i have new phone, all numbers are GONE, if not sych, i'l be dead.

No, there is not a way to upload messages to iPhone at all. At login, I receive message " Is your request related to PhoneCopy applicatoin?

Then we will develop other data types as calendar, tasks and notes. Please go to Account settings and Existing user and select correct database which you want to synchronize e.