I have it runing through a while loop so I can keep an eye on the connection state. Also need a replication system too. Your name or email address: Leave another message so I see this thread again when I get time later and I will look. Or, for parameters, make it a "params object[] parameters", get the type of the object, send the length of the array, etc.

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Your name or email address: I have it runing through a while loop so I can keep an eye on the connection state.

It's an asynchronous UDP based system that handles staying connected and guaranteed packet delivery automatically for you. Have you had any problems with your client not connecting to your server app?


I'd love to port to the newest version but I worked on this server a very long time ago and lost the source due to a hard drive failure. Or sign in with one of these services. My e-mail is JPowers gmail. Once I close the app just like i would and reopen it then it goes through pending-conecting- then it shows the client connected. RPC is basically hiding message sending the "normal" way of game networking with some setup.

Sign in Already have an account? Thanks for the reminder: That's my thought on it anyway.

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Hey OvermindDL, That'll be great! See if they work.

I wish I could remember what version it used I know for sure its one of the very first versions released as I worked on this project during As I stated this is the only other place I know to turn to, and apologize if the code blocks do not function right in this post. I have tryed the ip of this computer and the "" ip but no connection. So RakNet's raknet.sll version has a.

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Best Regards, John Powers. All you have to worry about is connecting, and sending data. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm not breaking any rules by asking this but I have a server that I no longer have the source code to but to make it run it requires an old version of RakNet.

Dec 4, Posts: StankiemJan 5, I took that, compiled it and then also compiled the generated source into it's own.

I would really appreciate this, thank you. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

For an action game, UDP is required. Thanks for your help though, if you cannot find any other versions I still appreciate it. Sign in with Twitter. Which is why it wouldn't be done that way.

I know I used to have even much older, and I still might on a hard drive somewhere, but those are what I found for now. Anyone else out there running RakNet 4 c swig build with Unity?

RakNet C# Questions

That should make things slightly easier. Need old version of RakNet. Hey Overmind, Yea perhaps I did, Either way I started recoding a new server it raknet.ldl out of date anyway. Could all be relatively easily done, but I highly discourage it.