Yobis magic spelling tricks

Now it's a simple matter of picking up the letters. Go up and get the Apple, Bridge, and L only the L presents any danger, just get it when the Alligator isn't nearby , then use the Bridge to cross the river at the bottom. Avoid the Fire Tricksters and get the U. Now go one space right and then all the way up to get the Bridge and Apple.

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Head left and then go over to the Boulder. When it passes you again, go left and get the H; if you hurry you can go right and then duck between the gap in the Trees, but if you want to be safe wait for the Rhino to head right and then duck into that gap. You now have four Zebras in a magi formation.

Push the Boulder up and maguc cross the river with it. After that, slide down and then right to get the E, then left to get the I. Remember an Alligator cannot hurt you while you are on a Hippo.

How can I get the potion in "Thirsty", level 46 of Spelling Jungle? - Arqade

When it's as far left as it can move bribe it and push it down onto the Grass, effectively trapping it. Cross the Bridge again and use the Bridge you got to cross the river where you first crossed it so you spellling get the C.

Now use that Bridge to get to the part of the land with the A getting the two Apples on the way and get the Bridge there. The Kindred Open Season. Anyway, now move the Boulder one space up and two left and then push it up until you're on the "safe" space within the Hot Coals.

I used to own this. Lay down a bridge to cross the river and slide to the left and then down to get the G, then up and to the right to get the H.

Basic Spelling Tricks (Bright Star Dream Team): primeti.info: Books

Bribe the Hippo again, using the Apple you got when you got the M, then ride it back and get the E. USED Because of where the Hippo is, you can go upward or downward at the start, but downward is much quicker. Kiriyama Dragon Slayer Members 7, posts Gender: Ride it back, and then the other letters yricks easy to get, even if it does take a bit of walking due to the Boulder blocking the gricks path. Head right and get the Apple, then go and get the upper Apple near the upper-right corner of the map.

Follow it and then head upwards and get the Trinket from above while the Vehicle shields you from the Wind Trickster. Once you get to the right, get the Bridge and then go up to get the R.

Serious Game Classification

Go down and right until you're at the right-most part of the lower land mass when the Alligator is to its right. Just for the record, this game was also released under the name "Basic Spelling Tricks" spelllng we all know Spelling Jungle is a better name.

After you get the Yohis, run to the left, then go up and get the A and Apple. As long as you don't go above the Bridge on its left side, the Alligator will be unable to harm you if you're on the left side of the Bridge, that is, just to the right of the Elephant, the Alligator cannot hurt you because of where the Bridge is placed.

Once the player has hobis all the letters in the correct order, most hazards disappear, but he must find a way to get back to his raft in order to move on to the next section.

Now slide up, right, up, right, down to get the other P. FAVORITE Technically, this word can be spelled "favourite" as that is the British spelling of the word, though it'll make you look weird if you're in a country such as the United States that uses favorite as its spelling.

Pick up the Bridge, then go all the way back to the left to get the I, staying on the Grass whenever possible. Get the upper Bridge and push the Boulder into the river and cross it. Use the Bridge to get the D and Apple, then push the Boulder into the river to cross it, then get the O.

Yobi's Magic Spelling Tricks

Sign up using Facebook. I can't see any way to use the rock to get back across, since it maigc into the pit when you cross over the first time. If a Tiger catches you, you start the level over.

Get the O leave the Apple as a marker for a little laterbut be sure you don't go far enough left for the Tiger to notice you. Brain The Time Warp of Dr.

Face the Zebra and bribe it, then wait for it to come towards you.