Alternatively, choose "Choose engine" in the menu to the left of the drawing window. Click on the forward arrow to move to the next screen, or select "Job options" from the menu at left. If you would like to be notified when new versions of MacMolPlt are available please subscribe to the MacMolPlt-announce mailing list.

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The routine G d basis set suffices for this tutorial. Pruitt earned his B.

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Click on the "Save As" button, save the file. The "Choose Computational Engine" lists the quantum-chemical programs installed on neon. A table of excitation energies is displayed.

The first entry, the longest-wavelength excitation, is at nm. The new command could equally well have been added to the end of the first line, so long macmilplt the line length does not exceed 80 characters. The status of the new job may be Queued, Running, Complete or Failed. The number of alpha, up-spin, orbitals is 9, so alpha orbital 9 is the highest-energy occupied orbital, the "HOMO". Fast if it works: In this case one change is necessary.

Simple tutorial - A quick walk through of the program capabilites. O 2oxygen. Orbitals are in columns.

Likely, no changes are required to be typed. Below that will be results.

Its energy is Molecule Editor - Introduction to the graphical editor. Use the molecule in this form, do not run Clean-Up.

Then the bond length will appear at the bottom of the drawing window. For what it is worth, "SAP" stands for spin-adapted antisymmetrized product, effectively a relative contribution to the excitation.

Files - What formats does MacMolPlt read and write? The next step is to save the raw output to the local computer and open it with MacMolPlt. To move from building the molecule to calculating properties, click on the forward arrow at the lower-right of the window. I am asking only to get an idea of who uses my program and what they like about it.

Choose the "UV-Vis Spectrum" calculation. Select the formaldehyde CIS job by clicking in the box at its left. Right-click on the bond and change it to a double bond. Adjustments may be necessary.

Modelling Instructions: GAMESS

Click on the forward arrow. It is also possible to paste text into this window. Version History - What has changed since the last version? R and E HOMO The bond length can be displayed by using the "Select" tool, which is an arrow-shaped icon at the left edge of the drawing window. It appeared black, not red, on the Preview screen.

If the job fails and you cannot fix the problem, you may want to refer to this working input file: Here is a working file: Then click "Update"; the orbital will be drawn in the MacMolPlt window.